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our graduation dayy


Since it s been long time tak update, so what im gonna update for now??
This times nak post on how our graduation dayy looks like. tbh, it was fun. really fun i must sayy. being grad wth all of  yr friends. siapa yg rasa tak best kan? fyi, this is the first time STAR PUTRA making Hari Graduasi for the form six students since most of f6 students around sabak bernam had been moved in one sch at the same times.

Semua rasa eksaited since two days bfore, eventhough our reheasal was done in quiet hot weather. Have to que up in such a long long line doesnt matter for us. The night bfore event, most of girls are ready wth their b e a u tiful dresses.  but idk how boys were doing their preparation. but they hv to wear songkok. haha idk how it s like. but most of them borrowed their things from junior. kasut, songkok and all kind of things yg tak cukup.

But then, we are not allowed to make a noise dalam hall bcs it was a formal event. tu yang tak best tu. nak gossip pun hv to talk slowly. hahaha. but seriously we dont mind bcs most of my squads were seat around me. 
and now, i want to share wth you gais our best moments.

Look at these happy faces wore jubah [8;25am]

with my b e a u tiful bahasa melayu teacher 

setting up for potrait, panas sgt. but dnt care.

 our potrait being post on sinar harian on sunday after grad dayy

 the awkward me 

 my girls a.k.a my squads. thanks for a year friendship.

Thats all for now, till we met again.

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