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How am I coping with life? Meh. Indeed life as budak asrama is so freakin difficult especially when u've spent over a "decade" in the comfort zone. Aside from trying to keep up with studies, some habits you hv got to let go, egh

So lets just say I'm still struggling to fit in with everyone. How am I doing? In a nutshell, I'm not as bright. Ofc stressed from not having enough leisure time to study. Wait let me rephase that, basically I slept during those time gap lol. Idk I don't really stay up but masyallah the amount of syaitannnn berjimba di mata ni during school and prep.... what could i do kan? haha

And how was the recent result then? basically trial dah habis em not too bad but still cant be satisfied at all. I don't think i can score this sem T_T Pasrah menyerah je awal awal? tak ok. Target exams final mesti kena score T^T So result teruk ni pls dont judge. at least fix it kan. bukan biar je marks mcm tu. tapi cuak tu masih takleh nak let go lagi. weh pasni degree kot. i have to fit in wth the situation lah no matter how kann.

And what about friends and teachers? Alhamdulillah the people there mostly peramah and accepted budak baru with open arms. especially, lower six. most of them emm okayy laa. Baru nak kenal kenal tapi kadang tu awkward jugak sebab dorang dah la lawa gojes tinggi takyah pakai heels dah weh. hakak ni? kenenot je. to sum up, they're all kind. Well atleast I thought so. Teachers? sejarah and pengajian am makes me want to flip myself and the whole universe. Since I dont really excel both subjects, the teachers gave me a hard time. Well now, petang will full wth classes. haa, pagi ptg class, tak pass taktahu nak kata lah.


But despite everything I'm actually hving a lot of fun and really enjoyed it there. Awal awal memang stress gila lah kan bcs tak biasa. But now, abt the end of sept dah pun, so evrthing seems better than bfore. Absolutely. I know everyone had read and heard of this but for the last time, I am so thankful to be with all of beautiful creatures for this yrs. Insha Allah we're forever. Insha Allah till jannah. Mari sama sama perbaiki diri, tak lupa asal kita, jaga iman dan nafsu. Kadang aku sedih. Nak istiqamah memang payah. Tapi mari usaha sama sama, hari ini kita jadi lebih baik dari semalam. Aku nak sangat kita bersama hingga akhirat. Maaf kalau ada buat salah tapi korang takut nak tegur. Maaf sangat sangat tak mampu nak jadi kawan yang baik.

To the new ppl I met too. I don't think ada orang read this blog lulz but I'm sorry if I'm sombong or kurang ajar. well, respect kena lah sama sama kan, baru fair. Let's just say yes I am all of that tbh but it depends on how well I know you and how much we spend time together on a daily basis. And ofc, masih tengah perbaiki diri. Insha Allah, tengah cuba hakis sifat sifat yang orang tak suka tu semua, at least i try. Tolong faham dan tolong maafkan. U can't just expect me to be what u expected or what u wanted. Life is not a wish granting factory and I am definitely not the angel u asked.

Thats all for now, see you gais later.
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